Friday, November 05, 2004

End All

It has now been a day since the concession speech, the jubilent re-election speech, and all I can do is wonder what more needs to happen in this country of ours to wake up a little bit. Lately, I have been reading AMERICA THE BOOK. I started it before the election and laughed a lot, but now it isn't so funny. It is hard to see satire become, in many ways, reality. The hollow echoes of this man's speeches, the inability to be human and reflect upon mistakes, the inclusion of religion in everything, which means the President is violating the Constitution on a daily basis. Each time he addresses America, he violates it. in The problems are so huge for America these days. We are refusing to recognize the multiple ethnicities in this country, refusing to look at what is happening here, with the exception of an election. Speaking to a relative today, I was struck by him saying how neccessary the war was in Iraq. "We won't be engaged in just talking anymore." Shit, that is the same rhetoric of madmen. Like it or not, the U.S. has global responsibility, which is being abandoned, just like our citizens with dreams of a multi-layered and complex society in basic agreement in how live, with respect for differences.......all of the basic ideals of a great country.

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