Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Mess We're In

Well, well, well, what an eventful 2008 thus far.  I capped off this disastrous financial day by watching Taxi Ride to the Dark Side on HBO tonight.  Whew, I felt a mixture of sickness and awe at what great balls of steel this administration has.  Yeah, yeah, I know it is old hat and there isn't very much left to say about these past eight years, but there is this blatant question of how did we let this happen for so long?

These past eight years have truly, truly been the wild, wild west in this country.  Blatant lawlessness, cover up after cover up, shameless spending and lies that would make a Jim Carey character spit his milk out of his mouth across the room, down the hall and into oblivion.  There was nothing done about these myriad, and repetitive, occurrences and I am numb by the seemingly endless bad news that attaches itself to this administration on a daily basis.  Not only that, but we are truly supporting this broken system via the bailout which Bush seems to have mandated (fearfully, mind you).  Crony upon Crony is laughing out of the closed bank, down the street (Main or Wall, it really doesn't matter) and off to Dubai to live on one of those million dollar islands while millions suffer without homes, cars or jobs.  

It will be so nice to see this go.  It will be even more beautiful to read history books when I am fifty and acknowledge the blindness this entire country has been terrified into living on a day to day to basis.  It is so laughable that Palin, with her "god told me so" ideology would even be considered for another round of a presidency.  Another TKO (Theological Knockout) will come with a mighty punch if some house isn't cleaned up, and I mean soon.  

Last food for thought on this "black" Monday?  Could it be that?  Bush passed some legislation on Sept. 23, 2006 dating back to 9/11 that allowed for complete immunity for his administration to ever be tried for War Crimes.  What could be buried in that enormous document the house didn't pass today?  


Charles Simone said...

When I read the title, I thought this was going to be about the Yankees.

KumoD said...

Funny. If it were the Yankees, then it would be the mess we were in. There will be a baseball post in coming days and I'm kinda shocked by how easily the Cubs crumbled.