Saturday, January 03, 2009


I keep on wondering what 09' will bring to me.  What will it?  I saw Slumdog Millionaire with my favorite librarian on the first day of the year and I keep on wondering if that "life" shit will pay off in the same way as it did in that film.  First of all I've been listening to music I've not been familiar with, but probably should be, most notably Richard and Linda Thompson.  I have to admit this shit means something.  They were a married couple that made stuff, yet they still failed.  That kind of makes me feel better as I'm embarking on something that is new and wonderful relationship-wise.  And, I gasp, breathe sometimes, even, but keep on going, and certainly not in a bad way.  09' seems like it might go  my way in a meaningful way.  This year has some promise.  Has something going for it and it feels that way.  It is odd how a film makes you remove yourself from real life and then you look to your right and see what is in front of you and laugh.  Slumdog made me think about how good I have it and how close I am still capable of being with someone when I didn't think I could be.  09' should teach me a lot.  Should make me a better teacher and correct many wrongs to make things right.


Lee said...

Wait a sec... is that Richard & Linda or Lindsey & Stevie?

KumoD said...

Fuck! I think you're right!

Jill said...

Dirk and I also saw Slumdog on the first day of the year. But, I thought I was your favorite librarian???