Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Coast

Wow! It was great to have left NYC before all of the others left it. It felt vacant this past weekend. We went down to the Eastern Shore of Maryland first. The two of us had never been to the place we had first met each other as a couple before and it was haunting yet exhilarating at the same time. We returned to summer camp, a place where she and I were separated by years and boyfriends and girlfriends and clauses. Now we are adults and have re met in Brooklyn, NY. Everyone we had spoken to were also adults. We felt like we were at home. The dog, whom I've had for 17 years, almost 18, had never seen a huge body of water before. He had never walked on sand before. At first he was happy with the grass. He hadn't seen nature in years. By nature, I don't mean NYC parks, but acres and acres of ground. His eyes lit up and the soil was soft. He just walked and walked and walked.
We got to Ocean City, MD and didn't know it was Cruise Week. As we drove, we pointed out car after car from 1950, or Back to the Future and wondered where they were going. FL and I drove in awe at the strange Chevys and Fords that passed us on the narrow highway to OC. We just kept on thinking about the odd redneck feeling of OC. Did we make a mistake?

Then, when we looked up pet-friendly hotels in OC and we found the Safari, we knew we were OK. I walked in and saw all of the totem poles (Safari?) and random stuffed mongoose to know we would be okay. The hotel was at the best 2 star. They were obviously getting ready for the season and weren't ready for the weekend of vroom, vroom to come. Yet, they were the most accommodating I had felt in a long time. FL and I were happy. We had a great ape staring down on the beach to keep watch..

PART II Soon.....

Haiku time:
The waves and the sea,
Antlantic Avenue cars,
cannot compare them.

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