Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Trivia and Self-Talk

La Resistance! Came in second place again. Second place isn't a bad place to be at all. We beat Super Sperm (aka Whiskey Dick) in all categories but one. Yet, the thing I want to write about is my weird tendency to talk to myself as of late. I just noticed it as I was going to the bathroom and talking to myself as I peed. I felt ok, I said to myself, about ordering soon to be delivered Omaha steaks and lots of franks for Murph. I said it is okay to be tired and order an iPhone. I was really psyched about that until I had to truly put my brakes on and realize I have a bid on a Nexus one on ebay. So, we shall see, faithful readers. Which one prevails? The iphone? The nexusone, which has become a rare commodity in America these days? We shall see.

Back to the fact of talking to yourself. I have this weird feeling it is all due to the heat reduction in the city these days. A week ago, I simply wanted to spit on myself. How do you like anything when it is that hot? Yourself, is the first to go. So through all of the self-loathing and hatred I felt, it simply felt good to say these things to myself, aloud, and proud, that I wouldn't normally say.


I have to pee!

Such a cute kitty who loves me.

Thank God I have Foxy.

Wow, you are really talking to yourself.

You should write about this.

Do not pick up the phone.

Can't believed you ordered Omaha steaks!

Wow, you've gotta wait til the eBay auction ends before you cancel your iPhone order.

These are all things I"ve said aloud to myself this evening/morning.

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