Saturday, June 30, 2012


This is my first posting via iPhone. It may be my last. We will see how that goes. This entry is titled hate because so much of it has been pouring through my veins lately. First of all, I am writing this while facing Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn. FL is fast asleep, yet she is the one prompting me to address this fucked up, pent up negative energy inside of me. And by prompting, I mean a good thing. One of the best and open conversations of my life took place with her a couple of nights ago.

First of all, I thought that all moved forward in life. The brain just moves on and you forget shit. These days, I feel like I'm in a backslide. Memories are boiling to the surface. Ones I had thought I had forgotten are simply reappearing like random ghosts and I don't even see myself clearly anymore.

There is no melodrama here. It is just hard to take inventory of your life at the age I've made it it to thus far and just remember things out of nowhere.

Guess this is an ambiguous post on an ambiguous platform. Let's leave it at that. More to come on hate part 2.

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