Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I've written about that hate shit for the past two posts and feel like it is time to turn the tables back to the other extreme in a way. Back to love. In a month from now I am going to be a married man. I'll wake up next to FL and just look into her eyes and I'm guessing, I'll just smile.

The oddity of meeting here again and the dating her, the actually marrying her is something I think no soul in the world could have ever predicted. I sure as hell couldn't have.

She makes me better. She reels me in. For chrissake, she pulled cacti out of my toes once. I guess, this passing storm truly has allowed me to take some inventory. Not bitch about the weather and just look at FL, her quirks, her solid genes, her beauty and just ask myself, "why me?"

I'm kinda fat. I'm surly and moody. Well, she is surly and moody, too. But, she has that young shit going on. She could've done way better than me. So, I will take this time to simply gaze out onto truly ugly and worn down Coney Island Avenue and bask in my luck. My found love, which I return as best I can.

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