Monday, September 23, 2013


Yesterday was one of those days that began with such strong feelings of accomplishment.  I woke up to knowing I clocked 94 miles in all, tackled 2500 feet of ascents and met some cool people as well.  Yet, the day continued in a dreadful manner right after those thoughts passed.  I was supposed to do another 20 mile ride, but had to cancel due to sinuses.  Then, the cough and shivers appeared.  I managed to clean my apartment and made it over to a friend's apartment to catch Breaking Bad and then retuned home coughing in fits.  Oh yeah, BB was so fucked up last night and might need its own entry.  Man, what a tough episode to watch.

The idea of being on such a high and then falling down so quickly is a blow.  I took the day off today and have been in that stage of perpetual sleep and waking up to only find myself returning to bed.  It is that kind of sick where you can't really even read anything; the crossword puzzle doesn't even sound appealing.  At the time of typing this, I normally would have done a few laps around the park, eaten lunch and graded a few papers before my first class at 2:00.  Instead, I'm stuck with my computer and trying not to fall asleep.  48 hours ago, I just finished crossing the George Washington Bridge on my bike.  It is a dramatic swing and one I don't really need right now.  It is also torturous to look out the window and see this September day go to waste.

When you get sick and you feel like shit, the depression and sadness that has been kept at bay creep up and seem to begin to mock you in a way.  They have you and know you have nowhere to go.  This swing needs to be short-lived and return to the place it had been for the past few months regarding rides and serenity on that track.  My fingers are crossed; hoping this day of rest will get me back on track by tomorrow.

C'mon pendulum, swing back!

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