Sunday, September 29, 2013

Up North and a Secret

Yesterday's ride was awesome.  I went with a guy named Frank who I met at open studios last week.  He is a good rider and forced me to push myself big time.  We began in Brooklyn and took the Brooklyn Bridge to get to the West Side Greenway.  The bridge at 10:00 AM was, as expected, extremely miserable.  To add to the misery, though, was some sort of large scale walk.  That means there were hordes of clueless people merging in and out of the bike lane and making riding straight up dangerous.  That bridge is truly the worst crossing in the city.  The only problem is that getting to that bikeway on the west side is so easy via that damn bridge.  Then it was off to upper Manhattan and the Bronx.  I hadn't ridden in the Bronx in years and used to love it!  There are nice rolling hills and you actually realize how much of that borough is really interesting and unique.  Onwards north, though to Yonkers, Westchester county, baby!  Yes, Yonkers where there is a secret to be found.  I'm not sure I want to share that secret, but it looks like this for miles:
There is so much lush greenery here.  It is paved and goes on for 36 fucking miles.  We didn't even ride all that much of it, but need to make a return trip with an earlier start to tackle it and complete a round trip.  That would pretty much equal an entire century.  So yesterday's long ride added up to be 65 miles in total.  I added another 10 to that through the evening so got to a nice 75 logged on Saturday.  If you do discover where this secret begins in Yonkers, please keep it on the DL.  It is worth keeping quiet about so it doesn't get all that crowded.  These riding days are dwindling and need to get back there before they disappear all together for the year.

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