Saturday, October 12, 2013

Heavy Rotation 10-11-13

Man, way out of sync.  There is nothing new here this week, but there is one old gem I love more than most these days

Copenhagen-Galaxie 500

This is not even a Galaxie 500 album proper, yet it contains every G500 song I could think of at this point of time in my life.  It is a perfect now record.  It is a record for listening to on a Friday, when you feel dead on the inside, when you are asking yourself, why did I give a shit about anyone?  And, then it answers those questions.  It answers them as indirectly as anyone could ever possibly answer those shitty questions.  Yet, the album is also a live recording.  The Wareham solos, when he was young, make you feel solidity in a void of whirls and are priceless.  There are some tracks off their last LP, which sound great live.  Yet, it is the solid bookending of the set that leaves you in awe.  To begin with "Decomposing Trees" and end with a completely different and new rendition of "Don't Let our Youth Go to Waste"is beyond brilliant for a set.  There are very few things to ask for or demand after a set like that.

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