Thursday, November 28, 2013

FLA Dispatch: AKA Family

As I write this, it is 59 degrees and I'm typing on my sister's back patio.  I guess that's chilly for Florida, but the warmth I feel is more than enough to finish this blog post.  Yet, it will be short.  My sister's kids are awesome.  Her daughter, Catie, is whip smart and had several well-earned high fives tonight.  There is a 10-week old kitten roaming around the house and a 9-year old dog.  It is all surreal and a far cry from "home."  Got a game date with Matthew to learn how to play Call of Duty tomorrow.  Grandma's broccoli casserole, a squash  recipe from the Times.  Family is what makes you feel good no matter what.  All of the bad that does flow through our veins, all of the misfortune and what the fuck questions that won't be answered are subsided in unexpected ways when you are with family.  And there are only two of us, immediate siblings that is…..and we are going through shit.  Yet, the love abounds.  Happy Thanksgiving, dear readers.

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