Sunday, October 19, 2014


Last week, or maybe two weeks ago, I turned on The Weather Channel to see what the weather forecasters had in store for me.  Instead, there was some weird survival show.....could you survive________?

Fill in the blank.  The one I tuned into had to do with whirlpools.  They are really scary things.  Fuckers suck you under.  They begin, but nary a soul knows where they end.  They have a scientific explanation for them; two currents meeting and kinda fighting one another until there is no dominance between the two.  Therefore, they form this abyss that sucks everything down into it as long as it can.  How far down depends on how strong the currents are; how long also depends on how strong they are.  A strong whirlpool may never have an end.

Leigh and I are fine.  Yet, I get stuck in these eddies every so often, especially after moving.  I came across a photo of me and my grandma today.  The photo was taken at my mom's funeral service.  Yet, I said to Leigh, "Look at me and my grams."

I should have said, something along the lines of...this is me and my grandma at mom's funeral.

Yet, I couldn't.  Grandma Gaffney, Mary A., and I look so good together.  I'm in a suit, she is in fine clothes.

The words we wish we could say become these things that get all swirled up, taken down, swished around and abused.  I get caught up in the things I wish I said versus those I do say.  At times, those words keep on falling further and further away until they are too far to be found again.

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