Thursday, August 02, 2012

3:15, Amityville Style

One of the first scary movies I had ever seen was The Amityville Horror.  After I saw the film, I went ballistic.  I read everything about the place.  I even read High Hopes, which is a pretty rare book to find these days.  Anyway, Lutz woke up every night at 3:15.  He heard voices inside of his head to kill his kids, chop wood, go to the basement and find the red room.  He heard the devil.

Since quitting smoking, I don't see Josie, the red-eyed pig.  I wake up and head to the fridge.  In the fridge is cheese.  Fucking-A, I bought alot of cheese at the last trip to the market.  Cheese from Italy, France and even Cali, I think.  The devil tobacco forces me to look in the damn fridge at about 3:15 every night.  It has turned into my red room in the basement.   The red room grows in my stomach.  There is no escape.

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Leigh said...

I think you took over my midnight snack attacks... :)