Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Queen of Something

Went on the annual pilgrimage to see a movie with LG.  For the past few summers, she and I have gone to see a flick.  The years before were Fright Night, Inception, etc.  Usually, we see summer blockbusters or summer fades.  Today we decided to see The Queen of Versailles.  Tough, tough movie to stomach.  I'm going to leave the rotten tomatoes site to fill you in on the breakdown of it.  Essentially, it is a film about too much.

It is about a small company that did everything wrong, but could.  The guy in the film says he supported Bush through Florida, says he did everything he could to support him, yet denies the legality of it.  Nary a soul is there to truly like in the film.  They are all privileged.  They are used to things we will never have and when they have to work a bit, things simply die.  It is quite sad to see a dead lizard, cold eyes and cold blooded as they may be, simply die because someone lets it happen.  The sadness grows in this film.  It is sad because people just acquire shit as they become more wealthy.  The bikes grow.  The pets grow.  The egos do not.  

That s what makes the film worthy of watching.....barely.  Jackie went to RIT.  She worked at IBM.  She is not stupid, yet she inflates her tits to a point that is impossible to ignore looking at.  She is/was so humble and now she is a facade.  She blames her loss on her husband.  He supported Bush, photos of him and Palin, and all you wish for in the back of your mind is the worst.  The film makes them human, yet it makes you hate them.  I guess the bottom line is they are shits.  They are these people who borrowed, consistently, beyond their means. They are the people who were smart enough to borrow and then buy back.  They are the people who made millions suffer.  

Frankly, it was a hard film to watch.  I saw family members getting bullshit laser surgery for vanity while they were running out of money.  It hit close to home.  It just made me realize, as fat as I am, as bad as I may look in a Seersucker suit in a few weeks, I will never be as ugly as they are.  My excess is books.  Not bikes, not cats, not snakes.  I, we, pretty soon, will never have a dead pet.  

The difference is we give a shit.  It isn't about who takes care of me.  We take care of each other and we don't make it too large to simply disobey that law of life.  The Queen of Versailles is sad because the people don't know that.  They consume to consume.  That is Jackie's existence.  She is smart, yet so stupid.  Looking at her early photos shows you how dumb she really is.

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