Saturday, November 16, 2013

18 New Haikus

Down to one eighty,
nothing to be that proud of. 
Misery eating. 

Red-faced in mirror,
memories of cactus spine
lodged deep in my foot. 

There are many days,
all come and go and pass by. 
Yet, some stick with you. 

Way too much of it. 
Blasting eternal Fridays
blend into next days. 

Faulty wiring
like fireworks, off and on. 
Blinking and reeling. 

streets populated with ghosts
All just drifting by. 

She is an echo,
such as she always comes back
in explosive ways. 

Avenues for miles,
all leading to my dark heart
lacking a crosswalk. 

Many addresses,
all home at one point of time. 
Never really home. 

They are passing by.....
cars, meteors, people, deer. 
Pausing for a min. 

At a coffee shop,
Crying woman to my right
absorb all her pain. 

and listlessly reeling on. 
Time is suspended. 

Dying to feel it. 
Weightlessness and lost spinning. 
Abandon control. 

Topsy & turvy,
to be surrounded by kids. 
So much kind laughter. 

And they have reached out,
only to pull far away. 
A heart demolished. 

Movies about boats. 
Utter sea devastation. 
A man left alone. 

Dreaming of ocean
or another vast expanse
to soak all away. 

Rush water on me,
Running water doesn't work, 
not at all cleansing.  

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