Thursday, November 21, 2013

Oh, Deer (Part I Maybe?)

One of the  things that has consistently stuck with me about riding out to Montauk was the number of deer I saw in the night.  They were everywhere.  Yet, I couldn't see them with my naked eye at all.  The last leg on my ride was pitch black, yet every car that came over any crescent, or not, be it flat, illuminated their eyes.  Rows and rows of odd glowing eyes peered out onto the road from bushes.  As I rode, my arms were wobbling and my headlight was next to useless.

This set of entries is dedicated to the deer and how they look at us.  I've been writing this for  a few days now and not sure how it is going, but these are the first few ideas/starting points I have:



The absolute silence in which I traverse this world, man, will always confound you.  My ability to be allusive and non-combative must make you question everything about yourself.  I do not kill anything, nor do I want to see you kill my family.



I have to admit it, it does suck to always be in a sate of panic; running and hiding and hiding and running.  It really isn't that much fun.  It brings little joy to my life.  But, it is better than being in the open; the center of attention.  Your kind loves to "look at me" because it is temporary.  I will run away.

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