Thursday, January 16, 2014


It has been awhile since I've really posted a good post.  I know that.  Like, something you can dig your teeth into, give a shit about, go, Jon is really thinking.  It has been a good long while since one of those has come around.  But, Ladies and Gents, we are back in some semblance of creative endeavors.

Let's start with California.  California is a blessed place to me of late.  It is another side of this continent.  It is so far away.  And therein lies its beauty.  It is so far away and it looks so different and life is different from the east.  I can't say I love everything about California, but I do love its geography.  Mountainous.  Gorgeous, meandering roads you seem like you could go on forever.  As soon as you leave San Francisco and head north or south, you can become lost in all that surrounds you.  Shit, even in that city, you can become mesmerized by the hills alone; its architecture.  It is unlike anywhere out here.

I guess it begins with a sky like that that is unheard of on the east coast at this time of year.  Those weird, ink sunset colors and soft clouds don't really come around here until the summer.

Expanse and clarity.  Forever horizon, even though this is just San Jose.  Shit, it is immense. It is huge.  It is sky and beyond that it is sky and sun.

Now we have to deal with the beauty of ornate San Fran.  It truly is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever steeped foot in.  There are moments after moment when you just look around you and, this is a gorgeous place.

This says what it says...

And then it is north, really fucking north.  Notice how many people are behind the Bernsteins in this photo?  Nada.  Zip.  The landscape is its own.  The Pacific Ocean and nary a soul to be found.  Bliss.

Just, branches.

And then it was off to Portland.  That city is the first city other than Brooklyn, I have really fallen in love with.  Like, true love, grade school love where you wanna write notes to it or some shit.  Portland do you like me?  Circle yes/no?  It is a weird place, a lovely place.  When you leave the city for 30 minutes you see this:

 and this:

and you're far as fuck when you see this:

Super odd though because I got this:

That is the homage I got to my adopted hometown of Brooklyn and the best roller coaster that might exist and rode on my own.  I got that tattoo done in Portland and I think it says a lot about my mind frame these days.  I love this place, Brooklyn, NY and have had so many lovely experiences here.  I have been through this borough's revival and I have her on my arm.  On my arm is a ticket to the Cyclone, which is such a suitable analogy for this borough.  The ride is a lot of fun, yet it hurts a lot.  You exit bruised, but glad you did it.  You look at it, hear it roar, see its faces of terror, humility and joy and just think, I did it and it did me.  It is forever going to happen that way.

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