Thursday, January 23, 2014

New Cold, Cold Weather Haikus

I am transparent.
There is ease to see through me
and all that I want.

Child falling down
on the street, not a whimper.
He's tougher than me.

A steamy bathroom,
a sweat glaze on my body,
just trying to breathe.

The matchbook sits there.
Used up and only cardboard,
it is useless now.

The streets, a mixture
of salt and dirt together.
Imagine the wound.

The airshaft, a hum.
Reading East of Eden now.
The evil abounds.

Pony up those dues.
Boy, all must be paid in full.
Silent snickering.

There's no reflection
in the rancid, dark puddles.
A street corner swirls.

I tossed a nickel.
Heads or tails?  Heads or tails?  Heads?
Can't find it again.

Mash ups, quick edits.
Backwards loops, all exciting.
Decipher meaning.

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