Monday, February 03, 2014

A Dozen New Ones

Trees covered in white.
Beyond beautiful, pretty.
The drip before black.

Such a strong U-turn,
to feel and spin and rewind.
Reel (real) for a minute.

Countless sounds of snow,
from silent to violent,
based on how it falls.

Blue eyes, hair dyed black
and I think some black inside,
dying to see light.

Am I a monster?
Relationship Godzilla?
Only to rebuild.

It is bad out here.
The rent and such life constraints.
Yet, leaving is hard.

There is history,
torn down and reinvented,
to fall once again.

My fat cat on lap,
just licking my hand, salty,
cold and ocean dry.

Pigeons are rock stars,
for hours they sit asking
for one autograph.

Waterfalls and green.
But she would be left behind
as we look forward.

I raised a sweet cat,
lover of belly rubbing,
and some soft petting.

Some very long days
turn into very long nights
stuck in books and hearts.

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