Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Song of the Week

I think Wednesdays will be dedicated to a song I have been listening to a lot this week.  So, this weeks song is........ Cigarettes, Wedding Bands by Band of Horses.  This one has hit home to me ever since I first heard it.  The chorus repeats "They lied" and then turns it into a ladidied, lididied repetition.  I guess the song is kind of a fuck you to institutions and family drama.  

So, as you listen to the song, you'll notice that there are some striking lyrical illustrations in the first verse.  A dogwood fence has been destroyed by violence, a drunken brother attempts to intervene in some capacity.  Dogwood is considered to be a strong wood and was actually used in the past to commit violence.  Due to its strength it was used to make daggers, as it wouldn't break as one was stabbing someone.  So, the assumption can be made that whatever broke that fence was some kind of emotional/physical tornado.  

Further, there is the drunken brother.  Images of drunken brothers remind me of weddings, funerals, etc.  Therefore the lie could be a death or a marriage, but having to intervene is ominous.  Finally, one last note, simply based on the first verse, which would support an expensive event (funeral/wedding) is the idea of the working man's wage being pissed away.

Guided by Horses is a force.  They are cinematic in ways.  Most of their lyrics are quite minimalist, like a great Carver story.  Your mind can wander and wonder.

I just bought Deerhoof's new album and have been revisiting Springsteen's Nebraska ( a masterpiece).  Possibly one of these two will make the song of the week next week?

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